terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

Sweet November @ Capella Club

The Midnight Sessions
@ à Capella

Saturday, 08NOV08 > Single Robot Ensemble > VIVAX

Tuesday, 13NOV08 > The Kapangas Funk > KID TUTTY & ZÉ MIGUEL

Friday, 14NOV08 > Wanna Dance? > E-TALK & MOHK

Friday, 21NOV08 > Cocoon Night > AFONSO MACEDO

Saturday, 22NOV08 > Cosa-Nostra @ Capella > DAVID RODRIGUES


Saturday, 29NOV08 > Cordis in Concert > CORDIS

VIVAX > Upcoming Gigs !!!

November, 15 2008 11:00 PM - LOL: Lots Of Lolitas @ Nasoni - Viana do Castelo

November, 27 2008 11:45 PM - L&L: andré granada + vivax + TBA@Gare Club - Porto

sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2008

VIVAX @ à Capella - Coimbra 08-NOV-08

sábado, 14 de julho de 2007

DJ By Accident @ Bergantim [21JUL]

by accident summer 2007 tour

21st July
Figueira da Foz

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quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2007

Underground Radio Party #003

quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2007

Underground Kollektiv Upcoming Gigs

> Vivax

Upcoming Shows

Jul 14 2007 11:00P
Vivax@QuebraCostas Coimbra

Jul 21 2007 12:00P
Jones Deluxe Pack - Tha tour! @Mexe Café TBC Lisboa

Jul 27 2007 11:00P
Go!Bots plus Vivax @ Casa das Artes Arcos de Valdevez

Jul 28 2007 4:00P
Pussy Deluxe: Vivax @ Ni Birthday Party Boat Aveiro

Jul 29 2007 12:00P
Pussy Deluxe: Vivax @ Ni Birthday After Party Aveiro

> yolk

Upcoming Shows

Jul 12 2007 11:00P
28bar (all night set) aveiro

Jul 13 2007 11:00P
28bar w/ kamala + pedro menício aveiro

Jul 27 2007 11:00P
28bar (all night set) aveiro

Jul 28 2007 5:00P
pussy deluxe - ni b-party@the boat ria de aveiro

Jul 28 2007 11:00P
28bar w/ mark o aveiro

Jul 29 2007 4:00A
pussy deluxe - ni b-after party@the farm middle of nowhere, near the sunset

> DJ by Accident

Upcoming Shows

Jul 21 2007
dj by accident @ Bergantim - Figueira da Foz

Jul 22 2007 2:00A
[radio show] - Festa Alternativa @ 96.2 FM

Jul 29 2007 2:00A
[radio show] - Festa Alternativa @ 96.2 FM

> DJ Javier Rodriguez

Upcoming Shows

Jul 15 2007
dj javier rodriguez @ People - Parque Verde do Mondego - coimbra

domingo, 8 de julho de 2007

Underground Radio Party #002

sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2007

Artist Of The Month > TIGERSKIN

TIGERSKIN is the alter ego of german producer Alex Kruger aka DUB TAYLOR. Releases on labels such as Forcetracks, Morris Audio under his diversemonikers together with 12 years of rocking under his belt have made him one of the respected producers in the global electronic music circuit.
His uncountable exceptional live performances are legendary to manypeople...

Born and bred in Berlin, Alex has been carefully developing his smooth and groovy house signature that is deeper and refreshing than the Ocean at the Marian Depth since he was a teenager. Solidly entrenched in Berlins house underground scene and boasting a growing global following, he plays an important role in shaping and producing numerous of tracks and releasing for labels like forcetracks, strictly rhythm, raum...musik and RESOPAL. Alex's motivation behind the live p.a. or in the studio has been to always add a new wrinkle to dance music's vibrant fabric.


Underground Radio Party #001

Frequência: 96.2 MHz
Banda: FM
Emissão On-Line: mms://stream.radio.com.pt/ROLI-ENC-146
Site: http://www.radioregionalcentro.com/

quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2007

Super Pop @ Look Club

Viana do Castelo
Sábado 7 de Julho

(live act)
sonic culture | mis records

(dj set)
underground sound society | musica divina

(dj set)
musica divina